Who we are


Down to earth, busy parents with a blended family to take care of. Full time jobs. Kids. Stress. LOVE.

We make the most of our time and space. We don’t have fancy equipment, we certainly don’t have fancy lives. We work with what we have, and we can show you how to do the same.

I (Erica) have 300 hours of Yoga certifications under my belt. Daniel has hours and hours of certifications I can’t even begin to list here, plus a lifetime of movement obsession and years of personal training experience in varied different areas including training personal trainers to be personal trainers. Plus a masters degree in kinesiology. Basically, he knows his shit.

I run my own in home daycare and teach yoga classes a few days a week. The classes I teach are accessible to everyone, I make sure of it. I have developed a sense in my classes to leave no student behind while still honoring the more “advanced” student’s needs as well. I cue based off feeling rather than a script.

Daniel is a full-time physical education teacher. His past history includes personal training, health club management, corporate wellness and training personal trainers to be personal trainers in educational settings.

We still find and make the time to take care of ourselves every single day. It’s a conscious choice. We aren’t special. If we can do it, so can you.

Blended together we create workouts based in alignment, breath, functionality,  and concentration that are accessible to everyone.

Having a sustainable practice.

Longevity. Take the practice with you into old age.

Exercise, movement, yoga, weightlifting, running, kettlebells- whatever you chose, should always support you and meet you where you’re at. It should make you better at the movement, not just prettier. It should be enjoyable, something to look forward to, not something you dread.

If you’re ready, join us.